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AMBSO conducted a community sensitization meeting to prepare for R2 activities

On Thursday 11th February 2021, Mr. Kyasanku Emmanuel, the Program Coordinator led a team from AMBSO to conduct a Community sensitization meeting with Stakeholders of Ishaka-Kijjungu to prepare for the Population Health Surveillance (PHS) activities for Round 2.

The meeting took place at Kahoora Division offices, in Hoima City. As part of the agenda, the AMBSO team shared selected findings from the previous PHS rounds and as well as ran through the research procedures for the new round.


Kalibagwa Conrald –Research Editor at AMBSO speaking to the meeting delegates

The Division’s Principal Assistant Town clerk, Mr. Mugisa Ahmad appreciated AMBSO for the quality research and for keeping their word to return for yet another round of research in their community.

He further applauded the tremendous efforts and resources that AMBSO was investing in helping the district and the country at large to understand the trends of different diseases. He urged AMBSO to observe the COVID-19 preventive SOP’s while conducting their field activities, and concluded by requesting the LCI Chairpersons in attendance to work closely with AMBSO and support the Research activities whenever called upon.  


Mugisa Ahmad –PATC Kahoora Div. gives his remarks     

Nafuna Susan, the Division’s Community Development Officer reminded the meeting that COVID-19 is real and that everyone has to be vigilant to avoid catching the virus. She said ‘‘the current times when new disease outbreaks are shaking the world, we need to be pushing the world towards the science of research. Vigilance and understanding the dynamics of new outbreaks is vital in shaping the Public Health concerns of the people we serve. We therefore encourage AMBSO to go-ahead with the research they are doing so that they can provide solutions to the many dilemmas that we currently have.’’ The meeting was also attended by the Village Health Team Members (VHTs) and L.C 1 Chairpersons.


Nafuna Susan – Kahoora Div. Community Development Officer addressing the meeting