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Africa Medical and Behavioural Sciences Organization (AMBSO) is a locally registered not-for-profit Research and Service based Organization that is immensely contributing to knowledge on HIV infection, other infectious and non-communicable diseases at both national and international levels.

Our Vision and Mission


Complete physical, social and mental well-being in Africa

  • Mission

  • Transforming Africa through innovative research, training and service provision



AMBSO Core Values

AMBSO Operates and executes its activities basing on the following core values;.

Integrity: We are trustworthy, accountable and transparent

Respect for diversity: Observance of the inclusiveness of all people regardless of gender, faith e.t.c

Innovativeness: We are creative, innovative and focused on learning advanced methods of health care delivery, research and training in the changing medical world.

Efficiency: We are competent and focused to providing the best services with least resources.

Program Director's message

Over the years, I have been fortunate to steward a mission that I am very passionate about, and to lead a very active and exciting new phase of growth at AMBSO where we have now started transcending from Epidemiological Research to Clinical research studies.

Our Community Advisory Board (CAB) prides in being at the center of study implementation of our activities. Last month, a new CAB Committee was elected to which Mr. Kigozi Moses is the current Chairperson. Our CAB is an independent Board that represents the community from all spheres of life; such as the media, youths, PLWHIV, Civil society, religious leaders, among others.

With a multiplicity of studies that we are setting off at our research sites, no one can doubt the success of our organization over our existence! This month alone, the Purpose 1 study which is meant to test a long-lasting PREP injectable in Masaka and Hoima regions is in its final preparatory stages. We have also just concluded enrolment into a cross sectional study to determine Incidence of high risk AgyWs aged 16 -25 years in Hoima district. The Prostate cancer case control study is also starting enrolment this month and will be implemented across a number of Referral Hospitals around the country.

This month still, we hope to finalize preparations for the Sanofi Covid-19 Vaccine study at Phase III and we hope enrolments can start late this month or early next month.

I hope that this website continues to provide you with insights on how we are impacting communities through research for continued advances towards complete physical, mental and social well-being in Africa. Thank you.

Stephen Mugamba

Program Director


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